It feels like we are always Turned On and Tuned In today. We have more information coming at us at one time, from multiple platforms, multiple sources and multiple devices. We seem to be attached to them 24/7. It is overwhelming, it is constant and as connected as we are virtually, are we connected to our selves?

If we spent a fraction of the time on ourselves as we do on reality t.v., tabloid magazine gossip, CNN, Facebook, and worrying about our past and future. What would that look like? Imagine the possibilities.

Put your iPhone and Blackberry away.  Turn off your radio, iPod, TV and computer. Take off your mask. It is time to turn off the external and internal noise and listen to your self.  Don’t you want to hear what you are up to?

Step onto your mat and into some kick-ass Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga. Learn to doubt your doubts, embrace intuition, recognize that the prize is in the process and that sometimes less is more. If you are on total over load a quiet Yin Yoga class may be what you need.

ac power yoga is your virtual time out. Unplug from the grid and PLUG INTO YOUR SELF.

                                        3609 Broadway | San Antonio, TX 78209

                                | 210.296.7718





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