Vibration & the Meditative Mind

  • AC Power Yoga 3609 Broadway Street San Antonio, TX, 78209 United States

$25 Early Bird FEE!

through May 15th

$35 after May 15th

Jamie Carmody one of AC Power’s dedicated students, Kundalini teacher and Massage Therapist will be leading this program.

The purpose of this workshop is to increase the student’s understanding and perception of vibration in the body to bring about a more profound meditative experience. The emphasis is on an experience of one’s self as a vibratory being.

This class will show the student ways to raise and/or smooth one’s vibratory field to prepare for meditation. The goal is a body-felt experience to provide a ‘signature’ space they can return to when meditating on their own. Tools: Zero Balancing techniques, Kundalini asanas and pranayama.

Students should wear comfortable clothing and bring cushions for meditation if needed, and blankets for final relaxation if desired.